Communicating Your Way to Success

Good communication skills make great teams, but everyone has to participate.

Working within the medical technology sector, a team of 25 mid-level senior managers and directors greatly struggled with necessary communication and interaction skills. Walls were built and a silo mentality was created due to the lack of team collaboration. A simplistic tool was needed to improve interaction and increase feedback loops between leaders and team members.

Kuykendall Coaching Responsibilities – Using Everything DiSC Workplace, Kuykendall Coaching did a full day facilitation course where each of the attendees took a 20-minute assessment that determined their individual styles, preferences and tendencies. The Everything DiSC model focused on identifying individual strengths and challenges to improve overall communication skills. Workplace is broken down into the following three modules:

– Discovering Your DiSC Style
– Understanding Other Styles
– Build More Effective Relationships

Results – The 25 participants left this facilitation with strategies designed to boost efficiency and performance through communication. A group culture report was used to help explain team dynamics that have been influencing team interactions. After six months of putting these tools into action, our clients have reported positive results and a drastic increase in productivity levels.

Communicating equals results. It’s that simple.