It’s Time to Shift Your Perspective as a Leader

All it takes is three steps: create a vision, build alignment and start executing.

Across the industry spectrum, a leader’s perspective impacts their ability to resonate with others. Success is found when teams are able to accurately perceive the vision of their leader and follow-through with execution. Sometimes this message gets lost and can lead to misguided or failed outcomes. This is where executive coaching comes into play.

Kuykendall Coaching Responsibilities – Using the Work of Leaders assessment tool, we are able to uncover a leader’s priorities, tendencies and strengths in order to develop a personal plan of action. This hands-on interactive coaching helps leaders shift their perspective by breaking it down into three simple steps:

  • Vision: find possibilities with exploration, boldness and testing assumptions
  • Alignment: communicate with clarity, engage in dialogue and providing inspiration
  • Execution: gain momentum, provide structure and encourage feedback

Results – After a one-day facilitation, leaders are given a structured plan to help customize their vision, alignment and execution. Kuykendall Coaching turns leaders into team players by sharing clarity on how to communicate effectively and how to shift individual perspective.

Today, workplaces include up to five generational perspectives. Without a shift in leadership, communication is lost and opportunities are missed.