Organizational Change: It’s Time to Adapt

Just like a merry-go-round that keeps on spinning, professional leaders are forced to change and prepare others to embrace it. Organizational change is one ride that never ends.

Working in the technology sector, Kuykendall Coaching’s client was experiencing a major transformation after being acquired. In preparation of change, a solution was needed which would increase manager effectiveness organization-wide.

Kuykendall Coaching Responsibilities – Using Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders, Kuykendall Coaching assessed one front-line manager and their team to get a solid baseline. Using feedback from the team, Kuykendall Coaching identified three key areas for improvement and developed a simplified plan with practical exercises for the manager.

363 for Leaders is a three-step process:

  • Understanding how a leader is perceived
  • Exploring tendencies on the different approaches of leadership
  • Learning strategies to become a more effective leader

Results – After six months of one-on-one leadership coaching, the manager mastered his ability to manage change effectively and now has the tools needed to adapt to all changes in the future. The manager was able to learn by doing, and is now using feedback as a technique for better team leadership. Having this knowledge and experience, the manager is now mentoring other managers and teams to create an organization that is versatile, adaptable and ready for anything.

Adapt or die. There’s no other way to survive in the workplace.