Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

For this training session, it was our mission to establish a dynamic environment where individuals worked efficiently within teams to improve organizational productivity.

In the consumer electronics industry, pipeline management relies on a steady flow of communication between sales and distribution in order to support the internal chain and the external customer. After initial evaluation, however, we discovered that the existing workflows within this specific organization were ineffective, causing severe role and responsibility confusion amongst employees. Interaction between teams was minimal, creating large communication barriers that needed to be addressed.

Kuykendall Coaching Responsibilities – Through a one-day interactive Five Behavior workshop, we identified individual strengths and weaknesses, along with insightful recommendations for future improvement. We then directed our focus to teaching the following concepts of ideal dynamics:

  • Establishing Trust
  • Engaging in Conflict and Ideas
  • Committing to Decisions
  • Having Accountability
  • Being Result Driven

Results – After collaborative activities, videos and presentations were completed, employees were asked to integrate this learning material into their everyday workplace behaviors. Just months after training was complete, these tools are now being used company-wide and continue to improve organizational productivity through great teamwork.