The Gold Standard of Coaching Relationships

Professional training relies on trust and accountability. In order to truly prosper, clients need an environment of “phycological safety”. It is through this transparency that bonds between coaches and clients are formed, and magic is made.

Being a leader within a large organization can be a challenging position. Working within the Federal Government, a client of ours was relocated to a remote site where she became a team leader of 450 employees. The large demographic change made it extremely challenging for her to connect with other team leaders outside of her new location. As a result of this isolation, she sought out coaching to align her strengths as a leader, as well as receive assistance in identifying the blind spots.                                                     

Kuykendall Coaching Responsibilities – We first established a trusting environment and identified specific challenges and opportunities. Kuykendall Coaching then developed a leadership plan to increase her communication and feedback abilities. The following expectations and roles were set to create a successful partnership:

The Coach:

  • Provide object assessments and observations.
  • Demonstrate attentive listening for complete understanding.
  • Challenge shortcomings to illuminate new opportunities.

The Client:

  • Use assessments and observations to enhance self-awareness.
  • Assume full responsibility for personal decisions and actions.
  • Envision success.

Results – A two-year, transparent client-coach relationship was formed. This empowered her to see a big picture view of her team and improve accountability. She gained confidence, an outside perspective of true leadership and a toolbox full of skills which translated into self-flexibility and growth.